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Instead described as Windows Explorer or Explorer, File Explorer is a file web web browser present in every form of Microsoft Windows since Windows 95. It really is utilized to navigate and manage the drives, files, and files on your pc. The image below shows File Explorer in Windows 10.

Do not confuse the File Explorer with Microsoft web browser, that was the default internet browser on Windows 8.1 and earlier incarnations of Windows.

Users acquainted with Apple computer systems can think about Explorer whilst the Windows exact carbon copy of the OS X Finder. If you are utilizing an Apple computer, see our Finder web page for assistance with exploring the files on your desktop.

How exactly to start Windows Explorer

There are many how to start A explorer that is new window which differ somewhat dependent on which form of Windows you may be operating.

In the event that you repeat some of the choices below, you are able to start a couple of separate Explorer windows.

In every variations of Windows

  • Press Win + E (hold down the Windows key and press E).
  • Click Start and choose Run (or press Profit + R), then type explorer or explorer.exe and press Enter.

In Windows 10

  • Press the Win + X to start the energy consumer Tasks Menu, select File Explorer then (or press E).
  • Click Start, choose tools, select add-ons, then Windows Explorer or Explorer.

In Windows 8 and 8.1

  • Right-click the bottom-left part regarding the display to open up the ability consumer Tasks Menu and select File Explorer (or press E).

In Windows 7 and previous versions

  • Right-click begin and choose Explorer or Open Windows Explorer.

Types of just exactly just how Windows Explorer might be used

Here are samples of what you can do in Explorer.

Start a document

Microsoft has managed to get much easier to find your articles in Windows by developing wix a My papers folder. As soon as in Explorer, it is possible to start My Documents and double-click the document file to start the document. Continue reading