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I’m worried that my wife’s consuming is getting out of control: Ask Ellie

Q: whenever we had been dating, we introduced her to wine being an accompaniment that is gentle being together speaking or having meals.

From the time we married nine years back, a wine bottle has accompanied supper at our house.

But recently, I’m focused on her ingesting.

I’ve noticed more empty containers inside our recycling bin; she’s become short-tempered in current months, and frequently claims she’s that is“too tired closeness.

She collapses into sleep right after our two males (many years seven and five) fall asleep.

My partner worked full-time for several years, then started a part-time job from home this year before we had children, stayed home with them.

I’m worried that she may be consuming alone into the home when you look at the and getting addicted to alcohol day.

A: As a moms and dad and spouse, it is normal to get worried if your wife’s liquor consumption could have become problematic.


But it is a situation for compassion just as much as concern.

If you’re proper that she’s drinking a great deal into the time, something has likely caused that modification. Continue reading